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How to program your voicemail message to Increase business. DON’T SAY: “I’m Not Available”. Heed this advice from Arlene B. Isaacs, Business consultant, Career Coach…


Saying I’m not available is a brush off. What exactly does this mean? It conveys to the caller that you’re not all that interested in their business. So, instead of turning away prospective business, here are some tips for leaving a brief & precise message to engage the caller and make them eager to connect with you ASAP.


To build business we must build relationships, and this requires showing respect for your caller’s time and energy. Rethink your message. Investing a mere 60 seconds can keep that prospective client interested enough to want to do business with you all the while enhancing your reputation. “Not available” is dismissive NOT informative.


Laura Gruber

Associate Real Estate Broker

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